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My name is Georgios and was brought up in Brooklyn, New York. I started my pizza making career growing up and learning everything i know from my grand father who ran a succesful pizzeria - diner for over 30 years just outside Prospect Park serving some of the best pizza, pasta, steaks and seafood dishes the Borough has seen and tasted called Riviera's . After my grandfather decided to retire and settle down, I met up with the #1 pizzaiolo in the world Tony Germangiano, I met up with him at the pizza expo held in Atlantic City then flew out to Vegas Pizza expo and together we clicked instantly and exchanging what we have learned and could produce for the future of the industry , we started touring and competing at different pizza expos in Vegas and Atlantic City , after about a year or so i set my mind to travel, and that is when I wanted to explore the different places of the world by offering my expertise and knowledge of what i had grown so much to love called Cooking. I have worked in Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Norway and The United Kingdom. Learning so many different   types of tastes and cultures from these beautiful countries and the people i met and worked with along the way , I recently took a break from it all for 4 months after operating one of suffolks busiest pizzerias called Finezza and successfully selling it over just outside a very popular town called Hadleigh.I enjoyed it very much working in the UK meeting some very nice and interesting people as well .I flew back to the states to visit family and friends  who i have not seen in years , after which i will be going to Napoli to update my certification sponsored by Caputo. I will keep everyone in touch with when im back .. 

A little bit about what i do:

Im an excellent communicator with great hospitality skills

Im always creating different pizzas according to the seasons and the different areas i am in 

I have a wide variety of sauces and cheese blends which i use.

I am the co-inventor of a great vodka base and tequila base sauce which people went mad in trying  to get there hands on . :)

I also invented my own citrus pizza and a delicious fig pizza using fresh roasted figs

I have a variety of pizza doughs that i make according to type of oven the establishment is using and specific occassion.

The most important thing that i follow is the types of water on offer for making the dough ( this plays a significant part of the neopolitan style pizza )

Also , I have experimented with many types of flour.  When it comes to the sauce I use none other than san marzano tomatoes . I see a lot of people say in the Uk that they use San maranzano tomatoes , i have tried their pizzas and found that they were just using simple tins of tomatoes you get at a cash and carry because of the taste and texture they had , also the price to get san maranzano tomatoes is extortionate here in the UK. 

Excellent time keeper , have fun at what i do best, love making people happy with whatever pizza i cook for them .

Sometimes i go to other establishments and see everyone running around like their lost during busy hours .. MY Theory is : as long as your fully prepped and ready , go ahead and let em all in ....

After all if you love what you do you'll never get bored or tired of doing it day in and day out .. thanx and hope to hear from serious enquires soon. Ask about my pizza making courses which i personally show you how to be a pizzaiolo the correct way and give you some insight into my knowledge.